Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


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You have access to this page, either because you or your workplace participated in one of Stephen’s presentations, or because you or your workplace purchased these resources for stand-alone educational purposes.

These videos are meant to educate people on ways of improving workplace behaviour.  Usually a supervisor or manager will be leading people through any of these recordings.  However, they are not dark secrets that only managers can access:  the learning is meant to be useful to anyone looking to improve workplace behaviours.


You will find each recording gets to specific learning objectives.  We suggest you decide what behaviours or issues you want to address, then find and view the appropriate recording, paying attention to the lesson suggestions.  We give you some advice on how you want to approach the learning in each of the recordings.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stephen…but keep in mind he may be indisposed due to his work schedule or he might be on vacation…so don’t leave questions until the morning of your educational session.  You’ll find Stephen’s contact information at the bottom of the page.



 (19 minutes, 19 seconds)

Sexual harassment is still alive and unwell in many Canadian workplaces.  Stephen will help your employees and managers understand what is and is not sexual harassment, how to prevent it and what to do if it’s taking place.

#1 - Sexual harassment

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#2 - All inappropriate workplace behaviours

16:59 - This video addresses all kinds of inappropriate workplace behaviours you may find in a Canadian workplace.  Stephen discusses issues such as human rights harassment, discrimination and just plain bullying.  Employees and supervisors will have a better idea of these definitions and some examples.  And then Stephen discusses ways to avoid workplace problems and what each person must do to address them if they arise.  It’s a good introduction about these issues and then you can fill in the details of your workplace and your policies.

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#3 - Supervisors dealing with inappropriate workplace behaviours

12:52 - In this video, Stephen speaks directly to your supervisors and managers.  He spells out three techniques when employees say they are being harassed, bullied or treated inappropriately.  It will be most useful that your supervisors and managers at least view the other video about inappropriate workplace behaviours prior to viewing this video.  In this video, Stephen will take your supervisors/managers through the Initial Approach, the Informal Approach and the Formal Approach, spelling out the best approach for their situations.  This recording is not meant to educate people about investigation techniques, as the desire is to do the proper job before it gets into anything formal and/or legal.

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#10 - The poisoned workplace

10:33 - This Canadian human rights decision involves inappropriate jokes, nicknames and other behaviours that can often take place in some workplaces, especially male-dominated workplaces.  Many times people will use the defence that if everyone has to take these kinds of jokes, then how can it be discrimination or bad?  If you have a male-dominated workplace where anything similar goes on, this case might be helpful to get the discussion going about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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#13 - Social media misconduct harming an employer's reputation

12:57 - This Canadian labour arbitration case deals with inappropriate tweets sent out from a Toronto fire fighter and picked up by a national newspaper.  When the employer takes the tough action of firing an employee and the union thinks it goes too far, an arbitrator has to decide the harm to the employer’s reputation.  Misconduct via social media is a big concern for employers.

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#16 - Workplace violence

12:43 - This Canadian court case deals with an incident of workplace violence.  Is every incident of violence the same and are employers expected to deal with each situation in the same way?  Employers are expected to address workplace violence, therefore it’s important to know what’s expected.

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