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Stephen's 4 keynote speeches for your conference or meeting

#2 - Adapting to Canada's Population Changes at Work:

        even if you're perplexed, overwhelmed and reluctant to act

When a York University student didn’t want to work with women on a class assignment, his professor refused the request. Yet when the University overruled the professor’s decision, that’s when front-page articles and social media went into overdrive. On the one hand you have women’s rights. On the other you have the legal requirement to accommodate a person’s religious beliefs to the point of “undue hardship.”ᅠ Canadian employers and institutions are dealing with similar dilemmas every day, but many people are finding it perplexing or don’t know what to do.


Canada is in a time of rapid population change.ᅠ For example:

What's Included

Eye-opening facts and trends about

the changing face of Canada

The biggest obstacles that get in the

way of real integration and inclusion

complete audience engagement using

auto-response technology

Due to Canada's low birth rate, our net population growth will soon be entirely from immigration


Our net employment growth rate is already entirely from immigration


Of Western countries, only Australia has a higher percentage of immigrants than Canada (ours is much higher than the United States)


The vast majority of new Canadians are not white and many struggle to learn either of our official languages


Muslims will soon become 50% of Canada's non-Christian religious population


One in four Canadians said they have “no religious affiliation”


Our fastest growing population group is Aboriginal Canadians

Yet with this rapid change, most workplaces, institutions, and associations are perplexed about their responsibilities, seem overwhelmed with all the legal upsides and downsides, and are often reluctant to do anything, for fear any response will be the wrong response. However, doing nothing is not an option when employers are having trouble with skills shortages, language problems and conflicting rights being asserted by employees. With even a bit of education and a lot of common sense, most proper responses make sense.


During this keynote, participants will learn the practical and legal requirements to work harmoniously with all kinds of employees and/or clients. Participants will also be able to respond to questions posed to them, by using state-of-the-art auto-responder keypads. And they will even be able to laugh at the funny and mostly innocent stuff we do as we struggle to accept the changes around us.


Stephen Hammond is a passionate speaker who delivers an important message to ensure your audience responds fittingly to the challenges facing this country, their workplace and their community. Stephen’s a lawyer-turned-speaker who understands the law, but steers clear of the legalese. He will bring forward the latest research and trends in a way that make sense and encourage people to take positive steps in the right direction. He also has a great sense of humour, something important for such a serious subject.

Immediate responses from the audience

on difficult questions

Cases and stories of what has gone wrong

and how you can learn from them

Who Benefits?

Canadian leaders in the workplace and within organizations. Canadian leaders need to have the information and practical tools to address the changing face of Canada. The days of waiting for people to apply and merely come your way are over if you want to match up with the new generation of people coming into the workforce and being consumers. There are practical steps leaders can take to ensure they get the right people and hold onto them, even when there is complexity regarding laws and needs for accommodations.

In this keynote people will get the straight goods about the real obstacles they face and what they need to do to ensure they meet the challenges of the changing face of Canada. EVERY keynote is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology.
The best part is that people will remember the stories and message Stephen delivers…well after your session is over.

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#4- Managing the Respectful Workplace:
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