Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


Stephen's 4 keynote speeches for your conference or meeting

What's Included

#3 - Let Me Shut My Door:
  what's really going on in Canada's workplaces

Some kind of inappropriate workplace behaviour, such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, or just plain weirdness, has gone on and Stephen is called in to help clean up the mess. Over the years he's cleaned up plenty of messes and so has learned a thing or two about how to prevent inappropriate behaviours from happening in the first place.


Using real Canadian cases and examples, Stephen will reveal the lessons he and others have learned to prevent and respond to inappropriate workplace behaviours. With the latest in auto-response technology, participants will get to tell their "secrets" with complete anonymity. The combination is powerful and adds to this provocative, fast paced and informative presentation. If you want to know how to prevent disasters from happening in the first place, you'll want to be here.

Mind-numbing examples of work related disasters
involving harassment, bullying, discrimination
and just plain weird behaviours related
to discrimination and harassment

complete audience engagement using

auto-response technology

Insightful glances at words people rarely consider

Important and simple lessons on ways
 to use respectful language

Positive approaches to changing times

Who Benefits?

Canadian leaders in a human resources role and those leaders having similar human resources responsibilities. Sometimes people in charge think they are alone with the problems their employees face. In fact across Canada and throughout many workplaces, there are many similarities and Stephen will spell out the common examples, stories and cases that he runs across on a regular basis.


Finding out what has gone wrong elsewhere has a useful purpose if you can learn from it. Participants will learn a great deal and with the humour Stephen is known for on the platform. Current, provocative, funny, entertaining and educational.


EVERY keynote is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology. Attendees will be talking about this long afterwards.

#2 - Adapting to Canada's Population Changes at Work:

       even if you're perplexed, overwhelmed and reluctant to act

#4- Managing the Respectful Workplace:
       understanding the laws... with an emphasis on common sense

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