Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


Stephen's 4 keynote speeches for your conference or meeting

#4 - Managing the Respectful Workplace:

        understanding the laws with an emphasis on common sense

There are so many legal requirements regarding workplace behaviours and yet managers and supervisors are often at a loss to deal with them effectively. Not everyone knows (or cares) about the differences between harassment, bullying and discrimination…yet if an employer is caught being involved in those behaviours, they could get into a costly legal quagmire…and then they wish they had paid closer attention.


While reducing legal liability is important, the real payoff comes from creating a workplace where basic rights are respected with simple, understandable and agreed-upon practices. In this customized session your supervisors and managers will get a chance to discuss their concerns and fears about tackling what is often seen as a sensitive issue. Using thought-provoking and fun exercises, they will learn that adhering to legal workplace protections isn’t as complex as it seems.


Participants will find out what must be done to avoid costly liability, employee turn-over and employee/customer dissatisfaction. At the end of the speech, your workplace leaders will feel more confident to address issues as they arise, instead of waiting until they become unmanageable, or very costly. Participants will also be able to respond to questions posed to them, by using state-of-the-art auto-responder keypads. And they will even be able to learn from the weird behaviours that have got other employers into trouble.

What's Included

A clear understanding of the legal
requirements of a respectful workplace

Provocative examples where employers have made mistakes, so others can steer clear

Effective, simple and practical methods to address inappropriate workplace behaviours

Immediate responses from the audience
 to difficult questions

complete audience engagement using

auto-response technology

Who Benefits?

Workplace leaders. Everyone who supervises people needs to know the legal obligations on behalf of their employer. If they don’t, they risk an internal or external workplace complaint from a human rights commission or a ministry of labour. Of course, there is also the risk of bad publicity and bad customer relations. Workplace legislation deems most supervisors to represent management – especially those on the front-line.

Participants will benefit from a better understanding of the issues, and they will feel more confident to tackle most issues before they become big, messy and expensive. For those problems with more complexity, participants will know to seek advice from within their workplace instead of letting things get worse.

EVERY keynote is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology. Attendees will be talking about this long afterwards.

#2 - Adapting to Canada's Population Changes at Work:

        even if you're perplexed, overwhelmed and reluctant to act

#3 - Let Me Shut My Door:
what's really going on in Canada's workplaces

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