Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


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Why are some people still allowed to get away with inappropriate behaviours at work? Most employees have had some education about bullying and harassment, or what we often call “respectful workplace” training. Yet the questions still need exploring: Why can one person poison an entire workplace? Why are employees afraid to speak up, even after all the policies and pleading from management to speak up? Why do managers not deal with “bad performers” or allow reckless behaviour from “star performers”? Why does our need to “fit in” get in the way of common sense discussions about good and bad behaviour?  ...more

When a York University student didn’t want to work with women on a class assignment, his professor refused the request. Yet when the University overruled the professor’s decision, that’s when front-page articles and social media went into overdrive. On the one hand you have women’s rights. On the other you have the legal requirement to accommodate a person’s religious beliefs to the point of “undue hardship.”ᅠ Canadian employers and institutions are dealing with similar dilemmas every day, but many people are finding it perplexing or don’t know what to do.  ...more

Some kind of inappropriate workplace behaviour, such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, or just plain weirdness, has gone on and Stephen is called in to help clean up the mess. Over the years he's cleaned up plenty of messes and so has learned a thing or two about how to prevent inappropriate behaviours from happening in the first place.  ...more

There are so many legal requirements regarding workplace behaviours and yet managers and supervisors are often at a loss to deal with them effectively. Not everyone knows (or cares) about the differences between harassment, bullying and discrimination…yet if an employer is caught being involved in those behaviours, they could get into a costly legal quagmire…and then they wish they had paid closer attention.  ...more

EVERY keynote is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology. The best part is that people will remember the stories and message Stephen delivers…well after your session is over.