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When you’re looking for a motivational speaker in Vancouver, you want someone who will actually motivate your audience to do something different when they leave the room. I’ve watched many motivational speakers in Vancouver and have been truly inspired….but the inspiration quickly evaporates. I can say that listening to Bill Clinton motivated me to actually take action on a project, but other than him, I can’t remember any others who lead me to take action of some kind. (There must have been others, but truthfully, others don’t come to mind)


What does it take to motivate people in Vancouver or any other city in Canada to actually do something different?

Here are reasons I can think of:

Great content

You might expect great speaker to be the first on this list. While you have to be careful, you can have a lousy motivational speaker – and I mean lousy – but if her content is what your audience wants to hear, that person can keep people on the edge of their seats. On the other hand, you can have a great speaker, but his message might be same ol’, same ol’ or it might just be fluff.



The great content will be lost if the message isn’t relevant to the people in the audience. We automatically think this means customizing. Sure, speakers want to customize a motivational speech to at least get the company name and the city right, but I have watched many speakers where I truly felt their content was relevant to me even though I know they give the exact same speech regardless of where they are and who they speak to. As long as the meeting planner does the job right, the speaker will be relevant to the audience.



This is about involving your audience in the presentation. There are some who tire of asking people to raise their hands, but sometimes we want to show that, “yes, that too has happened to me.” Now some people won’t raise their hands, just because they don’t feel like it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to give their input. There are a wide-variety of ways to let your audience give electronic feedback, and don’t let anyone tell you a keynote or motivational speaker has to be a one-way conversation. People want to give their thoughts, so find a way and a speaker who will allow that to happen.



Are we talking bells and whistles? Sometimes. After all, there’s lots of fascinating technology and it would be a shame to deprive an audience of the latest stuff, just because we think we must have our audience hanging on our every word. Variety is the spice of life and in every audience, attention spans and interests will vary. And speaking of technology, the argument of to-Powerpoint or not-to-Powerpoint is over. I mean, forget about debating the issue and just decide when it’s good and when it’s not. It all depends. If a picture paints a thousand words, why listen to a thousand words? It goes without saying that a speaker who reads his Powerpoint slides is not really speaking at all. We can read just as well as he can. An audience can be entertained to drive the learning home and help motivate them to take action.


Humour…and other emotions

“I laughed. I cried. I bought the t-shirt.” Laughter might be part of the entertainment, but not necessarily. People want humour and even in the strangest and most serious topics, we can usually find a way of laughing. No, not knock-knock jokes. Life is full of all kinds of situational comedy and it just takes the right speaker to bring it out. But humour is not the only emotion that will motivate people. In fact, humour might not do that at all, but it’s the icing on the cake and it simply adds. Lots of times, it will take fear or tears to truly motivate others to take action. The fear is not about terrorizing the audience, but perhaps the fear that if they don’t do something, they may end up in a bad situation, or (even worse) the same situation day after day after day. And tears don’t have to make people wail, but they can strike an emotion in which people in the audience are moved enough to want to do something.


If you want to round out this list, to help out the meeting planner, you’ll also want to look for someone who is easy to work with. There’s a big difference between a detailed-oriented motivational speaker and a prima donna (or primo uomo for a man). Avoid the latter. Life’s too short and there are plenty of engaging motivational speakers who are easy to work with.


Whether your event is in Burnaby, Coquitlam, West Vancouver, or Vancouver itself, you want a motivational speaker who will touch enough of your audience in a way that he or she will motivate them to make positive change, long after the lights are off and everyone has gone home.


After Speaking Resources

If you’ve got the right people, with the right knowledge for sexual harassment training and other forms of training, then you might still want resources to help you and your class. On the HOME page you'll find links to resources for IN-PERSON training, IN-HOUSE training and ON-LINE training.


26 Training TIPS

When the training is done and a week later, people are scratching their heads, wondering what they learned, these tips, sent over a year, give great information and remind supervisors what they have to do.

Respectful Workplace in a Box

A comprehensive Canadian training manual for workplace leaders to eliminate harassment, bullying and discrimination.

This 600+ page training manual is Stephen’s latest work, allowing Canadian workplaces to do their own in-house training, with all the accompanying resources, such as handouts, videos and slides.


This RESPECTFUL WORKPLACE MANUAL has everything your Canadian workplace needs to educate your employees and managers to prevent and avoid the costly and unproductive effects of harassment, bullying and discrimination.  There are MORE than 600 pages of not just training exercises and instructions, but word-for-word dialogue to ensure successful results in your workplace.


If you want a quick 15 minute session, not only do you have instructional dialogue, but you have a video recording which can be used by the instructor.  There are 2 hour and half day sessions good for employees and managers.  Finally, there is a full day session, just for supervisors and managers to ensure they have more detailed information about your workplaces’ legal obligations.


Hire an Expert

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