Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace

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Objective:  To give Company Officers and Management within Canadian fire and rescue services education and common sense tools to create a healthy working environment by preventing and responding to inappropriate workplace behaviours, including harassment, bullying & discrimination.

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Sexual harassment is still alive and unwell in many Canadian workplaces.  Stephen will help your employees and managers understand what is and is not sexual harassment, how to prevent it and what to do if it’s taking place.

#1 - Sexual harassment

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#2 - All inappropriate workplace behaviours

16:59 - This video addresses all kinds of inappropriate workplace behaviours you may find in a Canadian workplace.  Stephen discusses issues such as human rights harassment, discrimination and just plain bullying.  Employees and supervisors will have a better idea of these definitions and some examples.  And then Stephen discusses ways to avoid workplace problems and what each person must do to address them if they arise.  It’s a good introduction about these issues and then you can fill in the details of your workplace and your policies.

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#3 - Supervisors dealing with inappropriate workplace behaviours

12:52 - In this video, Stephen speaks directly to your supervisors and managers.  He spells out three techniques when employees say they are being harassed, bullied or treated inappropriately.  It will be most useful that your supervisors and managers at least view the other video about inappropriate workplace behaviours prior to viewing this video.  In this video, Stephen will take your supervisors/managers through the Initial Approach, the Informal Approach and the Formal Approach, spelling out the best approach for their situations.  This recording is not meant to educate people about investigation techniques, as the desire is to do the proper job before it gets into anything formal and/or legal.

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#4 - webinar - The laws and policies surrounding

inappropriate workplace behaviours - (62 minutes)


#5 - webinar - Learning from the mistakes of others:
Actual inappropriate behaviours and required responses - (57:27)

#6 - webinar - Addressing actual problems from within: Stephen responding to questions/concerns - (51 minutes)

#7 - When workplace "sexual" pranks go too far

10:58 - This Canadian court case deals with an incident involving g-string panties being given to some women at work.  While this workplace wanted to take a strong stand on sexual harassment, did they go too far with their punishment?  Employers have to strike a balance of rights and consider their actions when things go wrong

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#9 - When an employee is labelled a "troublemaker"

11:06 - This Canadian human rights case has a fired employee not just looking for a financial award, but also her job back.  The employer thought this employee just kept making trouble, while she thought she was just addressing legitimate concerns, especially around the way she and other women were treated.  Who’s right?

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#11 - When the bully is the manager

12:36 - This Canadian civil law suit takes us through a judge and jury award against one of the world’s largest companies, and the appeal to Ontario’s top court.  When an employee has to quit because of outrageous bullying by her boss, she often doesn’t have a lot of options.  Going to court is a lengthy and expensive process, so this case illustrates the importance of dealing with a bully boss, especially one that exhibited such obviously bad behaviour.  Most policies cover issues of bullying but the policies are only as good as they are administered…something clearly lacking in this case.  It’s a good example to lead by example to eliminate workplace bullying.

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#12 - Discipline due to social media postings

11:49 - Stephen lets your employees and supervisors learn from the mistakes of others. This Canadian labour arbitration case deals with social media postings that can go very wrong.  Everyone will be educated about the need to be careful and considerate about what they “say” outside work.

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#17 - When violence happens outside work

10:52 - This Canadian labour arbitration involves off-duty misconduct that includes violent behaviour.  Many times employees and employers believe what they do on their own time will not impact their workplace.  In this case there were very few witnesses, therefore making it harder to know exactly what went on.  However, even on a balance of probabilities, employers can take action when they think the welfare of their workforce is at stake.

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#4 - webinar - The laws and policies surrounding