Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


Stephen's 4 training sessions for your conference or meeting

#1 - Leadership skills to prevent harassment and bullying:

       effective methods to support workplace leaders

This session is all about harassment. Despite all the years of education and supposedly understanding about harassment, harassment is still alive and unwell in most Canadian workplaces. Canadian courts and tribunals are putting more and more restrictions on the behaviours of employees and managers, and yet most workplace leaders aren’t aware of the greater expectations. And now “psychological harassment” is becoming a requirement in certain Canadian jurisdictions, with others to follow. In this customized session your supervisors and managers will get a chance to discuss their concerns and fears about what is and what is not harassment. Using thought-provoking and fun exercises, they will learn that workplace harassment isn’t as complex as it seems. They will find out what must be done, to avoid costly liability, employee turn-over and employee/customer dissatisfaction. At the end of the session, your workplace leaders will feel more confident to address harassment issues as they arise, instead of waiting until they become unmanageable, or very costly.

Learning Objectives

Know what is and is not harassment

Understand the legal requirements to identify and deal with harassment

Learn practical and understandable methods to prevent simple problems turning into big,
expensive &  time-consuming harassment cases

Discover simple techniques to keep a
harassment-free workplace in the
minds of their employees

Who Benefits?

Workplace leaders. Your supervisors don’t need to be experts in workplace harassment, but they need to know enough to give them confidence to address it when they see it. Everyone who supervises people needs to know their legal obligations, on behalf of their employer. If they don’t, they risk an internal or external workplace human rights complaint, due to harassment. Of course, there is also the risk of bad publicity and bad customer relations. Human rights legislation deems most supervisors to represent management – even those with limited authority. Your workplace leaders will benefit from a better understanding of harassment, and they will feel more confident to tackle most issues of harassment before they become a big, messy and expensive, deal. When harassment issues get more complex, they will know to seek advice from within their workplace instead of letting things get worse.

EVERY training session is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology, allowing for open, honest, and anonymous responses. The best part is that people will remember the stories and message Stephen delivers…well after your session is over.

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#2 - Managing the Respectful Workplace:
going beyond the laws

#3 - Managing Human Rights at Work:
making sense of complex issues

#4 - Working Towards a More Respectful Workplace:
      common sense approaches for ALL employees

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Stephen's 4 training sessions
for your conference or meeting

Leadership skills to prevent   harassment and bullying:

effective methods to support workplace leaders