Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination to create a respectful workplace


Stephen's 4 training sessions for your conference or meeting

#4 - Working Towards a More Respectful Workplace:

        common sense approaches for ALL employees

This session is all about harassment.  This session includes the legal aspects of harassment and  bullying, but goes beyond, to tackle many issues that can disrupt the workplace. Some behaviours are considered harassment. Others include aspects of bullying.. Others still are just inappropriate and no one knows what category to put them into. Regardless, most of the problems come down to issues with communication. Not just how we communicate with one another, but how employees, supervisors and managers communicate with one another. It’s rarely just the fault of one person or from one level of the workplace. In this customized session, with every employee present, participants will learn ways of creating a respectful work environment.


Using thought-provoking and fun exercises, they will learn that a respectful workplace is not difficult to achieve. In fact, with a bit of work, it can be very easy. All employees will find out what must be done, to avoid costly liability, employee turn-over and employee or customer dissatisfaction. At the end of the session, all employees will feel more confident to address a variety of issues, including harassment, bullying and just plain disrespectful behaviour. If supported by supervisors and managers, employees will address issues as they arise. And if things don’t go as planned, they should feel confident of support from management.

Learning Objectives

Identify respectful and disrespectful

workplace behaviours

Understand the legal responsibilities of employees and supervisors

Learn to communicate with each

other for better workplace results

Find effective ways to change behaviours before they become a problem

Who Benefits?

All employees.
This session will be done with employees and workplace leaders together, so that issues can be raised and addressed effectively. Those who attend will discuss issues head-on, and find ways to address problems of disrespect, even when it seems such behaviour has “thrived” for years.


All employees need to know their employer’s legal obligations to address inappropriate workplace behaviours. If they don’t, anyone risks an internal or external workplace complaint, due to harassment, bullying or discrimination. When any issues of respect get more complex, they will know to seek advice from within their workplace instead of letting things get worse.

EVERY training session is customized and there are no boring lectures. Stephen brings humour to even the most serious issues with complete audience engagement using auto-response technology, allowing for open, honest, and anonymous responses. The best part is that people will remember the stories and message Stephen delivers…well after your session is over.

#3 - Managing Human Rights at Work:
making sense of complex issues

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