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In-House Training Manual

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If you want to improve workplace behaviours and you’re looking for in-house resources, we’ve got a 600+ page completely Canadian training manual with everything you need to eliminate harassment, bullying & discrimination.  If you’re just looking for a few extras to enhance your workplace education, we have useful articles and recordings.


Your audience will remember Stephen’s message about the changing face of Canada.  They will remember his stories because they are current, entertaining, humorous, and always thought-provoking.  Many will change their behaviours in some way because they will understand the need to do so…leading to better interactions with colleagues and clients.

Forget Respect:

Just Stop the Weird Stuff

Adapting to Canada's

Population Changes at Work

Even if you're perplexed, overwhelmed, & reluctant to act

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Stephen’s approach for training to improve workplace behaviour is to give participants the facts, without lecturing. His knowledge as a lawyer helps people understand the complexities involved and his years in employee/labour relations helps people overcome their reluctance to act.  He also uses a great deal of humour, which helps…a lot.

Leadership Skills to Prevent Harassment & Bullying


the Respectful Workplace

Effective methods to support workplace leaders

Giving Canadian supervisors and managers tools

to fix your workplace, especially when they are perplexed, overwhelmed and reluctant to act

Going beyond the laws

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